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sports Clutch set for Kymco Downtown 125 G5 125 Racing 125 150 TW


  • USD
  • $144.00
  • Shipping:$55.00


Sports type Variator & Clutch kits

redesign roller ramp by Prodigy company
ramp longer with good accelerate
Clutch carrier pads with high friction heavy duty type material
Clutch bell with 3D design CNC CUT, with heat- treatment 
NOT FOR GY6 engine, 
it's for KYMCO  SK25 engine only  (Fuel Injection / Water Cooled engine)
KYMCO  (Fuel Injection engine)
Movie S 150i (fuel injection type) US model,international model name
Movie 125 S AFi Europe Model  (Fuel Injection engine)
Racing 150  (Taiwan model name)
G5 150 (Taiwan model name)
DOWNTOWN 125i 4V (SK25)
PEOPLE 125 GTi 4V (BF25) - 
K-XCT 125 i 4V (SK25B)
K-XCT 125 I 4T EURO III (SK25 ) 
DINK STREET 125 ie (SK25) - 
G6E 125 ie (SR25F) - G6E 150 ie (SR30F) - 
RACING 125 ie (SR25B) - RACING 150 ie (SR30B) 
SUPER DINK 125 ie (SK25) - PEOPLE 150 E4 dal 2018->
J 125 ie LC dal 2016 ->
price include:
1x variator kit with fan plate
2x roller weight  (Color random)
1x torque spring / big spring
1x clutch 
1x clutch bell 
item price & shipping not include any TAX or Duty

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