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performance Prodigy Brand variator kit SYM VS125 Figther Shark EXCEL II 125


  • USD
  • $74.00
  • Shipping:$18.00


Brand New performance variator kit

from  Prodigy  company

this kit include

1x variator kit 

1x fanplate 

3x round rollers set (18x14  color random ) 9g,10g,11g

will for 


DJANGO 150 4T euro 3 (XS1P57QMJ-2B)
LXR 125 4T LC euro 3 (MB)
TWEET 125 4T euro 3

EURO MX 125 4T
FIDDLE III W4 125 4T euro 3 (XS1P52QMI-3B)
GTS 125 4T LC euro 3
HD Evo I 125 ie 4T LC euro 3
SYMPHONY ST W4 125 4T euro 3 (XS1P52QMI-3B)
SYMPHONY S 125 4T euro 3 (XS1P52QMI-4)

SYM VS125cc  150cc 4V

SYM EXCEL II 125cc 150cc  4V

Fighter 125cc 150cc 4V

VS125 -VS150

Fiddle III 125 -Fiddle III 150


V-125 Special (with SYM CVT engine)

the stock boss driver 

inner diameter is 17mm

outer diameter is 24mm 

not for other models.

this variator kit is new model not for other scooters.

check the photo of the ramp plate.

this performance variator

ramp are redesign for higher top speed.

roller ramp length are extended.

ramp are polished make it lower friction.

will improve take off and acceleration

ship to worldwide !

item price & shipping not include any TAX or Duty

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